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Over the past decades the Limpopo Province has secured its place as one of the top destinations for trophy hunters from around the world. There are so many great reasons to go on a Limpopo hunting safaris adventure in South Africa.


Limpopo boasts unmatched safaris and hunting quality with dangerous game and plains game. Hunt with us in the Limpopo Province bushveld, it can be very rewarding indeed. The best time to go a Hunting Safari in Limpopo is between April and September. Limpopo, has friendly people and has one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world.

Our hunting lodge is located near the town of Musina, where we conduct, first class hunting safaris to hunters from all over the world. We focus on atmosphere, service, quality and value over quantity. We have great quality Cape Buffalo and many of the most sought after plains game species available right here in the heart of the Limpopo Valley.

Hello hunters, welcome to South Africa. I am Magnus Crossberg owner and PH of Ranchero Safaris. We are hunting outfitters in Limpopo. Ranchero Safaris is situated on a 8000 hectare game ranch in the Limpopo Province of South Africa and we also have hunting rights to a further 45 000 hectares in the surrounding area. Our Safari Lodge is situated 15 km west of the town of Musina in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.


We are close to the Limpopo River (Border between South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe). Ranchero Safaris is in the heart of the Limpopo Valley and one of the most wildlife rich areas in Africa.

O.R. Tambo International Airport (JNB) in Johannesburg is approximately a 6- hour drive to our Limpopo Hunting Safari Lodge. We suggest you take a connecting flight from Johannesburg O.R Airport to Polokwane (PTG) International Airport via South African Airlines which is a 1h 30 min drive to the nearby town of Musina, and our Limpopo safari lodge.


I have been a Professional Hunter (PH) and a Limpopo hunting safari outfitter for the past 12 years and took over the hunting land from my father who has been working as a hunting outfitter for the past 30 years.

If you prefer to book your hunt through a Hunting Consultant please feel free to contact: John Andre (Shosone Wilderness Adventures) Ph + 1 406 375-8400. Or James Jefferey (Lost Horizons Outfitters) Ph +1 281 814-2398

I personally guide on all Safaris. We only take one group at a time so if you book a group of clients they will be the only ones in camp...they will not share the camp with another group. See our Limpopo hunting price list 2021.


Along with myself we make use of some of the greatest and most experienced professional hunters in the Limpopo province; each of the PH's themselves have hunted this area for a very long time, and have a very good understanding of the animal species and their behaviour.

We have hosted many many hunters over the past 12 years, and we have not had a client leave camp unsatisfied. Most of our clients this year are returning clients. and we are well regarded as hunting outfitters in Limpopo.


My mission is to provide you with the best possible adventure safari in Limpopo and my goal is to ensure that every client visiting Ranchero Safaris has an amazing experience and sees us as family.



South we come on our Safari Hunting Vacation. So whats stopping you? 


For most people, it's trusting what you read and believe. It can also be visiting somewhere you have not been before, like in South Africa. It could be that you're a first time traveller out of your own country. Let me start here, this is where my wife my children and family live, Limpopo South Africa. Limpopo is easy to get to, it is safe and stable.


Rest assured that we are who we say we are and do what we say! It's important you feel safe and comfortable at all times. My family has been in the outfitting business for many many years now and we deliver the goods. You can trust us! Read our testimonials and feel confident with your choice to hunt with Magnus Crossberg and Ranchero Safaris


Affordable Hunting

safari opportunities 
and hunting packages. 
Ranchero safaris
Limpopo South Africa your trusted outfitter

I could not believe how affordable the Hunting Packages were in Limpopo with Magnus Crossberg & Ranchero Safaris.


When that  2000lb Eland bull finally showed gave me such an adrenaline rush...thank you Magnus!

Dangerous Game



The African Cape Buffalo, (Syncerus caffer caffer), also called the African 

buffalo, is the largest and most formidable of Africa's wild bovids. 


Also known as Black Death, the Cape Buffalo can be extremely dangerous, and is said to have killed more big game hunters than any other animal in Africa.

So, are you up for the challenge?

Plains Game



Plains game hunting brings more hunters to South Africa each year than all of the Big Five combined.


Southern Africa can boast more species of mammals than any other destination on the globe.


The abundance of antelope species in South Africa, and especially Limpopo make it an absolute paradise for those hunters inclined to take medium-sized game. 

Limpopo Safari

Hunting Lodge

Welcome to Limpopo.

We have a very comfortable hunting lodge with Safari Tent style accommodations.

Each tent is air-conditioned with bathroom, and flushing toilet, hot/cold shower.

​We have a sparkling pool ready to dive in and cool off in warm weather.

An African Braai (BBQ-Grill) awakens your taste buds on your evening meals with drinks. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your safari.

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Great hunting adventures with Magnus Crossberg now await you in South Africa.


Limpopo has some exciting dangerous game hunting opportunities along with many plains game packages including the Tiny Ten.

Hunts are conducted in the traditional South African style, using safari cars to move throughout the areas looking for fresh spoor. After tracks are cut hunters then pursue game on foot. After a full days hunting clients can relax at the main lodge with a sundowner and a home cooked meal, featuring venison taken on the ranch. After dinner a hearty fire awaits hunters to relive the day.


Now is the perfect time to enquire and book your next hunt. Contact Magnus and find out in more detail about what's available to make your South African Safari the most memorable experience.

Magnus has pre-post tours available to "Must Do Places" like Kruger National Park. 


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We offer a full–on service for our outfitters and clients, if you need a giraffe or rhino skinned for a full mount we can assist you with that, we are also open for business after hours by appointment as we know how valuable hunting time is for our clients.


We are happy to visit clients in their hunting camp and discuss various options for their trophies, however it is always better to visit our showroom and see all the available options for mounts and side products.


Our showroom is certainly something to see. We have a private collection of approximately a 150 different species from around the world, many of which are full body mounts.


Current processes offered

Pick up & collect trophies:  In house tanning tanning Sculptor own forms.



Raitt International Freight commenced business in 1996. The Australia based team is experienced in all facets of international GAME logistics.


They can organise your trophy shipment from around the world with superior customer service and competitive pricing.


The RAITT team can organize global forwarding services to manage your import.


We can deliver reliable and consistent scheduling of your freight, negotiate competitive rates for Air and Sea Freight 

Documentation, advice with import permits and rail bookings. 


We assist clients with freight logistics in overseas countries through the Raitt/GLN network of agents in 364 cities and 123 countries. 

Assistance with Quarantine / Customs Insurance. 




We have a good affordable taxidermist available close to our lodge in Limpopo South Africa. Waterberg's Taxidermy offers all forms and styles of African taxidermy.

For our Australian clients we work alongside with Markus at Downunder Taxidermy.


Markus is located in Queensland in Australia to give our Australian hunters the best available taxidermy service.

Markus  has many years of providing the best possible taxidermy available in Australia. 

Helpful Tip!

Remember - South African Airlines is one of the only flights that will allow firearms as checked luggage.

Most other  airlines will allow archery equipment but double check!




Welcome to Limpopo South Africa.

We have many suggestions on your visit to Limpopo South Africa Kruger National Park is a must do.


Kruger is a comfortable day drive from our lodge. There are many species to see there.

We can help you organise an incredible adventure tour staying at Kruger .


Kruger has very comfortable and affordable safari sightseeing lodges available within and outside the park.

Please remember that Kruger is a very busy park. 


We suggest you talk with us and book well ahead of your visit with us so we can make sure your trip to South Africa is your most memorable one.

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