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Dangerous Big Game Hunting In Limpopo

The 375 H&H barked as the big buff was staring my client down. The large bovine had earlier charged our vehicle on the drive in. I had my foot flat on the floor of my new Hilux and was violently zig zagging to elude the cranky old buff. My client put one perfect shot front on. The big buff spun around on impact broadside allowing another follow up shot just behind the left front shoulder bringing him to his knees. The buff rolled on his side and expired. I said put another one in him from behind on his spine to make sure he is not playing dead. Buffs have a will to do everybody deadly harm if they can.

Are you ready for the Cape buffalo Challenge?





 My South African outdoor world is a world filled with adventure, excitement with adrenalin charged moments to savour and share around the camp fire with good friends and family...and go hunting at every opportunity!


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