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Return To Limpopo & Ranchero Safaris For A Waterbuck

AussieJohn from Downunder returned last week and hunted a nice representitive Waterbuck. AJ made a quick shot with our 375 H&H. The Waterbuck was quartering away from him and the shot hit its mark dropping the buck within a 100 yards or so.

AJ was happy taking a mature buck.

The waterbuck is a large antelope found widely in sub-Saharan Africa. It is placed in the genus Kobus of the family Bovidae. It was first described by Irish naturalist William Ogilby in 1833. The thirteen subspecies are grouped under two varieties: the common or Ellisprymnus waterbuck and the Defassa waterbuck. Wikipedia

Return To Ranchero Safaris Limpopo For a Waterbuck
Return To Ranchero Safaris Limpopo For a Waterbuck

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