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Duiker Hunting In Limpopo

The Tiny 10 is a group of pygmy antelope residing in southern Africa. All of these antelope are extremely small; the largest specimens weigh less than 50 pounds.

Not only do they present a small target, but since they are so small and delicate, choosing the appropriate ammunition for hunting the Tiny 10 is extremely important.

While much attention is focused on hunting the large and glamorous African species, like kudu and buffalo, hunting the Tiny 10 is an often overlooked, but an exciting, challenging, and fulfilling experience.

Since a high velocity expanding bullet can cause extensive damage to the hide of any of these antelope, many hunters prefer to use non-expanding solids, small caliber rimfire cartridges (where legal), or a shotgun. Additionally, all of the members of the Tiny 10 are shy and skittish.

For some of these species, just spotting them while hunting can be difficult. Actually making a successful shot is even more challenging.Add to this the fact that no country has all 10 species, successfully hunting the Tiny 10 can be an extremely difficult endeavor indeed.

These Tiny Ten antelopes will take you to numerous habitats throughout Southern Africa in at least 3 different countries.

Hunts are full of challenges for the dedicated hunter obsessed by these small antelopes!

Are you ready for the Tiny Ten Challenge?

Duiker Hunting In Limpopo

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