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44 plus inches Of Black Death Buffalo Hunt - Ranchero Safaris Limpopo South Africa

We had put three days into locating a herd of Cape buffalo at Ranchero Safaris and on AussieJohn's last afternoon - our tracker Pete spotted the herd crossing a river bed.

Up on the sticks as the bolt quietly closed with crosshairs located on the bulls right shoulder crease and I said AJ its the second last bull. The trigger finger squeezed and the 300 grain hit its mark with 2 very quick follow up shots which also hit their mark.

We gave the big bull 15 minutes to settle and slowly made our way towards the location of point of impact. Tracker Pete spotted the blood and we could hear tree branches breaking and the bull bellowing.

Carefully we edged around some trees and over rock faces and then bang crash, AussieJohn and myself drew our sights on the black mass! AJ fired two quick shots into the bulls front shoulder neck to anchor him for keeps and 1 follow up insurance shot.

There before us lay a huge black beast rough measurement of 44 plus inches.

AussieJohns Cape Buffalo Safari With Ranchero Safaris Limpopo
AussieJohns Cape Buffalo Safari Ranchero Safari Outfitter Limpopo

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